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Course dates for ELE Spanish teachers

Course dates for in-school courses

The dates for the next in-school courses are:

  • March 2018: From March 12 to 23 - OFFER: 40% Off - Only 2 available places
  • May 2018: From May 21 to June 1 - OFFER: 40% Off
  • July 2018: From July 16 to July 27 - OFFER: 40% Off
  • August 2018: From August 20 to August 31 - OFFER: 40% Off
  • October 2018: From October 15 to October 26 - OFFER: 40% Off

Dates for the online courses

Online courses can be started on any Monday of any week of the month. The student must apply for a start date and let the school know their availability for tutoring. The tutor will confirm if it is possible or not, since it depends on the availability of tutors during selected hours. We therefore recommend that you register as early as possible, especially if you have certain dates or hours that you can participate.