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General course

Online course for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE)

Having formalized the registration of the course, the student will come to an agreement with the centre on the applicable appointments in order to carry out the tutorials with his/her tutor. Then, he/she will receive the course documents in an email.

Afterwards, during tutorials, which are completely individual, the student will receive detailed explanation on each of the units of the course. The student will complete a minimum of 5 phone tutorials (and a maximum of 8; the number will ultimately depend on the student´s needs and abilities), with each session lasting 20-30 minutes (depending on the complexity of the topic). The student must have a Skype account (or, if not, a landline) and Internet access, at least during the tutorials.(*)
In addition to the phone tutorials, the student will email the instructor his or her answers to a questionnaire that covers several topics. The instructor will correct the student´s answers and email them back. In subsequent tutorials, the instructor will provide relevant explanations if necessary.

Given the ongoing communication with the instructor, and the continued follow-up with and personalized attention for the student, this is not a traditional online course where the student does everything alone. This course has an instructor, and technology is used to facilitate communication between the instructor and the student, as well as to solve the challenges that come with distance..

The estimated duration of the course is 3 weeks, which can be extended to 4 in case the student does not have enough free time to finish the course in 3. The student will complete 30 teaching hours over 3-4 weeks. The course covers levels A1, A2, and B1 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). These two pieces of information will be shown on the certificate of completion.

It is possible to extend the course to continue with the higher levels (B2, C1, and C2). In this case, the final certificate will show that the student has completed 50 teaching hours, as well as that the student has studied all levels covered by CEFRL.

It is also possible to extend the course so that the student can carry out a supervised practicum, if he or she can afterward come to Salamanca to do so (the student´s practicum will be adapted to the in-school courses).

(*) The tutorials can take place Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 8pm (Spanish peninsular time, GMT+1), based on the instructor´s availability.