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alojamiento en Salamanca

alojarse en Salamanca

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Accommodation in Salamanca

If you need accommodation in Salamanca to be able to do the in-school Spanish teacher training course, Tía Tula can offer you several accommodation options which are similar to what it offers it´s foreign students who are studying Spanish:

Accommodation options for a shared flat

Accommodation options for a host family

Other accommodation options

Tía tula carries out, without any extra cost, the necessary organisation to find and offer to its students, the most adequate accommodation with regards to it´s location in the centre and keeping to the requests or needs that the student expresses (this depends on availability of accommodation at that specific moment). The accommodation team always chooses the best accommodation for the student (according to their requests, when possible).

As accommodation is frequently requested for foreign students that come to Tía tula to study Spanish in Salamanca, the procedures of finding accommodation and organising it are the schools responsibility and are carried out to a high standard just like all the services the school offers.