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In-school Spanish Teacher Training Course

Escudo UPSA

The in-school course is made up of 70 hours over 2 weeks during which all the levels of Spanish as a foreign language (indicated by The European Reference framework) are covered, from A1 to C2. Out of these 70 hours, 55 are dedicated to theory, class observation, workshops and expositions) + 15 hours of personal work to prepare the individual expositions and to work in groups on the different workshops.

This course is recognized with 7 ECTS credits awarded by the Pontifical University of Salamanca (1 credit = 10 hours). This recognition, however, only applies to those students whose nationality is other than Spanish. The students who meet this prerequisite may request a certificate stating the credits obtained: they should notify it before the course start, and they also should pay - before the course start - the corresponding certiticate issue fee, 130 euros, not included in the price course.


Furthermore, depending on available, students may impart a class to Tía Tula’s students. These are voluntary and free of cost classes, held out of the normal classes schedule, tutored and supervised by a one of Tía Tula’s teachers, and imply a previous planning and a subsequent analysis.

Number of students

The maximum number of students per group is 10.


Daily work at class will be taking into account for evaluation. Besides, everyday students need to answer a brief questionnaire about what has being taught at theory class.

During the workshops, active participation is demanding. Teaching units will be evaluated individually.

Should it be deemed necessary, the student would be asked to present an additional teaching unit (outside the workshops) as a final project.

Extracurricular activities

During their course, students enrolled in the in-school course are invited to participate in all the extracurricular activities organized by Tía Tula for its students of Spanish as Foreign Langue: guided tours, tapas tours, etc. These activities allow you to get to know the city and enjoy it, as well as seeing up close what a foreign student experiences when they come to Spain to learn Spanish.


Tía Tula can arrange accommodation for those students who request it. The options are the same as for the foreign students taking a Spanish for foreigners course and are listed on the Accommodation section.