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Tía Tula, Spanish school in Salamanca

Tía Tula is a Spanish school, created in Salamanca, where many happy years have passed along with some thousands of students. It´s name comes from one of the most famous books of Miguel de Unamuno, as a tribute to the writer and who is a symbol of the city. Tía tula proudly captures the essence of Salamanca by embodying the characteristics of which it is known by. It is situated right in the historial centre, in the heart of the tourist and student activity and between the headquarters of its two major universities. For this reason it´s vocation is to teach Spanish in the city with the highest flag recognition.

Salamanca is known worldwide as the city of Spanish. With it´s 800 years of academic tradition, the teaching of Spanish constitutes from the beginning, one of its fundamental specialties. This is shown, year on year, by the thousands of foreigners that come to Salamanca to learn the language or to perfect it. What´s more all the congresses and international meetings about teaching and the study of Spanish are held in the city. To say that you have learned or perfected your Spanish in Salamanca is like saying you have learned or perfected your English in Oxford or Cambridge: it´s a mark of quality Spanish. Salamanca is also a mark of quality for the teachers who train and specialise here as it has a prestigious reputation and prominent recognition throughout the world.

What´s more to its linguistic fame are the people of Salamanca, the salmantinos, with their pure accent. They have this accent because they are in the university capital of the region where Spanish originated and which happens to have in addition the beautiful city of Salamanca along with its beautiful architecture and monumental heritage.

Tía Tula is a leading centre of Spanish that, like Salamanca, combines its classical framework and facilities with the modernity of it´s people and their methods. Inside there are beautiful, comfy classrooms, meeting or conversation rooms that are thought out to favor communication and learning. There is also multimedia technology to go perfectly with the furnishings in the style of colonial Europe, wooden floors and huge windows looking out onto the Rua Mayor (one of the most important streets in the historical centre). Above all it has highly qualified teaching staff with lots of experience and a great administration team.

For years Tía Tula has not only specialised in Spanish for foreigners but in the training of teachers to be able to teach foreign students (ELE teachers), transferring their experience from one field to another. They have also developed the online course to a high standard conserving the basic philosophy of the school: a deep understanding of traditional education firmly bound with modern technology. As a result, the latter aid distance learning with Tía Tula.

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