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Course materials for Spanish teaching

At the start of the course the student will receive the necessary documentation to carry out the course. This documentation consists of three parts: theoretical content and a grammar appendix with exercises.

In the form of the in-school course, the students have access to different manuals from different editorials and levels to be able to see the ideology behind Spanish teaching, according to the different objective groups.

In the form of online course, if the student doesn´t have access to different manuals, we will look at samples on the websites of editorials and at other suggested manuals that could be useful although we can´t have immediate access.

The purpose of the course is for students to learn to teach at different levels with the specific characteristics and content that corresponds to each level (Common Framework) but also to have clear communication, which is needed for teaching. The student must learn to assess created materials, so will therefore work with different types of exercises, materials and activities created by our teachers. The aim of this is to be able to view such material with purpose and compliance and know the function of such exercises, while being able to cope with adapting to the different levels of linguistic knowledge of their learners. In this the student will be able to create materials (if necessary) to fit their own students knowledge and make sure it meets the requirements of the framework along with the communicative function that is sought in each case.

In being a good teacher, it is important to know the target language well and be able to adapt easily to different levels so that students learn gradually and gain confidence in what they are doing. Both profound knowledge of the language and the ability to adapt are key points of our courses.