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Overview of the teaching Spanish as a foreign language course

These courses are aimed at those who want to teach Spanish as a foreign language or those who have already taught and who want to perfect their techniques. The courses are designed to train those who have never done a teacher training course before as well as active Spanish teachers who want to perfect their teaching in this language by working on teaching techniques, learning about material for teaching Spanish as a foreign language, making your own teaching material, etc. The courses are tailored to the needs and level of each student.
In addition the courses look at the role of the Spanish teacher in the classroom and at the art itself of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Course objectives

The two fundamental objectives of the courses are to learn or perfect the way to prepare classes and to learn or perfect the delivery techniques: adapting the pace and detecting problems and difficulties the student may have. Another fundamental objective is to provide content for different levels so that the teacher knows exactly what to teach at each level, how to teach it and what material to use and how to explain it in an articulate and clear way. After doing this course you will know exactly what to expect of a student of a certain level.


The courses consist of:

Depending on each student and their particular interests, they will spend different amounts of time on the workshops, constantly working on curricular design (focused on adults, adolescents or children), practicing communication, grammar uncertainties and techniques to solve uncertainties...


The only general requirement for this course is that the students need to have a high command or fluency of Spanish, both orally and written.


At the end of the course, after completing the final project, the student will receive a certificate from Tía Tula that states the course taken, the number of hours and a description of the course. If you have also given classes (part of the course in the school) this will be certified too with an additional certificate.