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Where will your Spanish skills lead you?

If you speak Spanish as well as you can teach it (with a little orientation and a previous formation), your professional horizon will be wider than what you certainly could expect. Indeed, when someone has English as his mother tongue, he or she can move on everywhere around the world and easily find a good job as a native English teacher. This is similar to when someone speaks Spanish - as his/her mother language. We must take into account that when we talk about Spanish language, we are talking about the third most spoken language (after English and Chinese) and the second most studied language in the whole world (after English only). The combination of being able to speak and to be able to teach both languages (English and Spanish) in countries where they are not spoken – not as first languages - is really powerful. Moreover, in those countries where people only speak English, if people want to stay in their country and teach a language as their way of living, Spanish becomes for sure, the best option.

This means of course that when someone speaks Spanish fluently, being trained to become a Spanish teacher can be a great idea. Which advantages does the training to be a Spanish teacher in Spain have? Obviously, learning from a Spanish school which is accredited by the "Instituto Cervantes" for its high quality teaching of Spanish, in the region of Spain where the purest Spanish is spoken, is going to be very well looked upon. Your formation will be recognized throughout the whole world: Salamanca is a city of reference in the world of Spanish teaching and that will give real value to your training.

The rising of the Spanish language – as well as its projection in the future - is spoken about a lot. Apart from studies and data, there are many reasons which can convince anyone of the usefulness to begin to learn Spanish. To everyone who is thinking about training to become Spanish teacher, the following could be some good points to convince everyone to start learning Spanish (although probably not necessary):

So there is no doubt: Spanish is a language with a great future. Learning it is a good idea and learning to teach it could be an even better idea.