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Opinions about the online Courses Opinions about the in-school Courses

Ion Gil Fuentetaja, from Mytilini (Greece)

"First, I would like to thank the tutor for all the help provided during the distance learning course. In my humble opinion, this course is really useful to train potential teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. The fact that I could do this online and at my own pace has also been one of the aspects that has helped me and one of the possible factors of my success with the course, for those of us working on something else, we have no excessive time to meet pre-established schedules and no limited hours.
Furthermore, I think the content is clear enough for anyone without any problems to follow acquire the skills necessary to become a professional in the industry.
The course seemed entirely suitable to me regarding the idea of teacher training and hopefully in the not too distant future I will make practical use of the knowledge that I gained from it. Therefore, it leaves me to congratulate you for the excellent work."

Victoria Risso Polola, from Madrid (Spain)

"I found the ELE teachers distance learning course very interesting. I knew practically nothing about the content and it has turned out to be very useful for me. I was particularly interested in everything related to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Also, I liked having to develop a teaching unit for a final project. Everything was well explained (the teacher explains everything very clearly) and tutorials have been adequate. I think this course is very well organized and do not think it is lacking in anything. I would recommend it to other translators and interpreters like myself; we have no training in this area as it can be very useful. For me at least, I think that it will be very useful for my career."

Teresa Meier Suero, from Zurich (Switzerland)

"The experience of being a distance learning student for the first time made me think that an online course would not work. How could it? Well ... From the first lesson of Tía Tula´s distance learning classes with the tutor, Montse, I realised that it was worth it. She was clear and professional and she helped me to strengthen and improve my knowledge and my teaching. The brief tutorial (which I enjoyed to the fullest and motivated me to improve my classes) has given me many tips, techniques, exercises and the opportunity to hear views and the exchange of experiences of a veteran teacher to a novice teacher. I liked the professionalism and also the friendliness and accessibility of these tutorials of the course, for a moment it made me feel like the thousands of miles between Zurich and Salamanca didn´t even exist.
The teaching material seemed clear, concise, logical and specific to me and the issues were well defined in their content.
I have already recommended this course to friends and colleagues: I think it is very effective for teachers of Spanish outside Spain because outside of Spain ELE courses for Spanish teachers do not specify the subjects of interest, it's limited to Spanish teachers and the only apply the methodology they care about. It is therefore a course that many Spanish teachers need and can´t find outside of Spain."

Josefa Vilata, from Valencia (Spain)

"This course is a very specific and very well structured, character training course, which emphasises the actual practice of teaching a foreign language and therefore it can help students focus their own classes in a more structured way and with clear objectives.
I highly recommend it because it is useful for teaching Spanish as it consists of practice and real experiences rather than just theory."

Mercedes Gutiérrez, from Sevilla (Spain)

"From my point of view it is a very comfortable course, because you can organise timetables appropriately and it´s very practical given that you focus on problems and doubts that arise in class and also work to resolve or prevent them. I really enjoyed how it helps you to teach in a formal manner and that it follows the framework of the EU."

Carolina Ramos, from Fuerteventura (Spain)

"The course seemed very interesting to me, very entertaining and very thorough. It has exceeded my expectations because being a distance learning course, I didn´t expect it to be as complete or so personalised. The material created is very practical and summarised in a clear and simple way, the base of which is taken into account when creating courses at different learning levels. I appreciated the summary of the different levels taken from the Framework. Furthermore, the summary of the components of Spanish grammar and a list of resources and editorial is very useful to begin moving into the world of teaching Spanish. The tutor is always at your disposal to answer any doubts but they explain things so clearly to start with, that questions may not even arise.
In a clear and quite entertaining way, this course leads us into the world of teaching Spanish to foreigners. In addition to dedicating ourselves to teaching foreign languages it helps us to refresh our previous knowledge."

Samar Hajj Ali, from Beirut (Lebanon)

"The ELE teacher training course seemed very interesting and has met my expectations because I wanted something that would help me start my career as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language for when I return to my country. The truth is that the course content was very interesting, and I realised that I could not be a teacher without knowing what distinguishes one level from another and what level a student should be learning at in all subjects: grammar, listening and writing, conversation, culture, etc...I didn´t know until now what DELE consisted of and the general evaluation.
This course was also interesting because of the explanations that were given about the role of the teacher in the class and the different methods that you can use to conduct your classes. Furthermore, the questionnaire came in handy to help memorise what I had learned from the course.
In regard to the teacher, she was very friendly and was always willing to give me all of the explanations needed on the course content or other things, such as when she sent me mail containing all of the Spanish books for foreigners that I could use to give to seniors and children. She would always ask me if I had any questions or concerns, to make sure that I understood everything that she said. Questionnaire exercises have also been important because they have allowed me to do a sort of self-evaluation. Finally, I have recommended this course to foreign friends that I know here in Spain because I think that they also need to begin their careers as teachers.
In conclusion, thank you very much and I hope to see you again on other Spanish courses.