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Opinions about the online courses Opinions about the in-school courses

Maria Josè Malia

"I did the course in November 2016 and I really loved the experience. I never thought that in only two weeks one could learn so much but thanks to a great organisation, professionalism of all teachers and the manual of the school which at present is my Bible, not only did I get a certificate, but also just after coming to the UK and thanks to the course, I got the opportunity to give Spanish classes to children as well as adults. I have always been an English teacher and without you and your training I would not have felt self confident enough to teach Spanish. Moreover, the school is situated right in the center of Salamanca and it is always a pleasure to get lost in marvellous parts of the city.
Therefore, the course is highly recommended.
Thank you, Tia Tula!"

Karina Hernández

"The course seemed very good and like I told Tía Tula on the last day, the course exceeded my expectations. I liked how it could adjust to our needs and allow us to attend several observation classes.
Not only was the material very clear but also the teacher explained it in a very simple way.
Honestly, I arrived to Munich very happy and immediately I recommended it to a Spanish friend that is starting to teach Spanish here. It wasn´t only the content that made it great, but also their willingness to help us.
Thank you and regards"

Esther Rey

"First of all, thank you for the welcoming treatment that all of the members of Tía Tula offer.
I found the course very interesting, I think it was a different way to focus my degree, because even though the most common job path is teaching, it doesn´t show you any available resources to be able to teach while studying at an undergraduate level.
I am very happy with everything that I've learned in these weeks. One of the reasons why I became interested in the course was to really know what was taught and of course if I liked it. At least I could learn how to teach Spanish, and I discovered that I would not mind devoting all my time to it. So I can say that it has fulfilled my expectations.
It's hard to say what I liked the most because I have learned a lot in everything we have done. I liked the personalised service and the fact of being with people every day who really like what they do instead of just teaching techniques, and that they explained about their own experiences. Overall it was a fantastic experience.
Regarding the material, I thought of it was complete, it helped to outline some of the different levels depending on the context, and showed an overview of grammar designed to explain, it certainly was one of the things that seemed more complicated to me. Thanks to the course I was able to give it shape.
Regarding if the teacher explained things clearly, well of course, and also resolved many questions that would arise showing an interest, which makes the course much more interesting. In addition, Vanessa, Helena and Yasmin have been helpful for letting us in their classrooms and teaching us what they know.
I think that the tutorials were good, I don´t think that they are insufficient, perhaps they could have given more information because there are always things to learn, but i think for the purpose of the course they are fine.
What to improve, change etc. I don't think I can suggest anything new, I like the way that it is focused. They are important theoretical classes where you learn to explain, to create a teaching unit known as knowledge-leveling, etc., but also the observation hours I believe were very illustrative, and I would have stayed a couple more weeks if it weren't for the fact that I had to go to University.
Clearly I would recommend the course to anybody who is interested in teaching Spanish. I think it is a good first contact and since they recommended it to me and it met my expectations, I would recommend it to everyone without a doubt.
Roughly speaking, the course has helped me learn how to teach Spanish, to get into the pupils shoes to make them understand, and to have clear ideas of how you have to explain and when you have to explain it to the level students. It was a course that has helped me learn about one of the career paths after my degree and whether I really liked. This course teaches to categorise the content, teaching according to students' knowledge, to make a teaching unit which helps improve how Spanish manual works, to know how to explain things that are obvious and natural because it is our mother tongue, finally to learn from people who work there and to have an experience that simply teaches you a lot.
I recommend this course to everyone that it appeals to and to anybody who may have doubts whether to do it or not. There is a very important student-teacher bond and the school's overall atmosphere is just great. Thank you very much to all who are a part of Tía Tula."

Carlos Sanchidrián

"I recommend this course to all those who are considering teaching Spanish or have already begun to do so and are encountering challenges as was my case. (You discover that your doubts are normal and frequent problems and have solutions that are simple tricks to overcome them).
The contents are good and are well oriented (and even better explained). It also nicely complements and interpenetrates with the practical - the schedule of workshops and development of the teaching unit - which is very well reinforced with actual attendance of foreigners.
Overall very good, very useful. It was certainly a success. I also think that the final certificate (the course and the practice) will serve me well in further progress in this field."

Alberto Lozano

"It was a great experience, both classes (focused from day to day, attending actual classes in Spanish), and there was a good atmosphere between teachers and students. Very good in every way."

Irene Sofi

"We had a great time and learned a lot. In addition, the teacher not only explained the information well but also made jokes and connected with people, which encouraged a lot of classes. Also, the secretarial staff was very friendly and always willing to help. And of course, the city is fabulous and I spent two great weeks. I hope to return."

Víctor Madruga

"The course surprised me because it is a very serious, very dedicated and very professional course, but yet it has a pleasant and casual atmosphere that you never realise the seriousness. You learn a lot with little effort and you are welcome at the school. In my opinion, this is a result because the teachers love what they do and this love is conveyed in their explanations, which is outside the realm of what you can find in any textbook. The course also has a lot of aspects, all of them interesting, and covering a lot of issues. I'm very glad that I took the course and I would recommend it enthusiastically."

Suyapa Martínez

"All you need about learning Spanish at your fingertips. They help you resolve any doubts about your classes or Salamanca. You learn Spanish and you're comfortable."