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Tía Tula's accreditations as a Spanish Teacher Training centre

Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes

Escudo UPSA Tía Tula is an Accredited Centre by the Instituto Cervante (in Salamanca), which is stated on the course completion certificates. This accreditation means that the Instituto Cervantes, the highest international institution in the dissemination and teaching of the Spanish language, recognizes and endorses the quality of Tía Tula as a Spanish teaching centre and considers Tía Tula integrated in its Network of Associated Centres.

As the Instituto Cervantes itself states when a school is integrated in its Network of Associated Centres, it means that the school fulfils certain quality requirements concerning the teaching of Spanish. Besides complying with the legal requirements to be a teaching centre, the school has the appropriate resources for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, has a body of teachers with the appropriate qualifications and training, has a teaching plan that guarantees an adequate progress, sets a maximum number of students per class, and advertises its services in a truthful way. The Instituto Cervantes defines the criteria which guarantee the fulfilment of those conditions and periodically evaluates and pays inspection visits to the centres to verify the requirements are met. This translates into a supervised continuing quality improvement program which reverts to quality improvement of the centre’s courses and teaching methods.

The Instituto Cervantes seal of quality is acknowledged worldwide. For this reason, training as a Spanish Teacher in an Accredited Centre has clear added values: starting with the certainty –supported by the Instituto Cervantes- that the training imparted by the centre is high quality and, therefore, the quality of the teachers of the courses and their methods is well recognized; also, a Spanish Teacher Training certificate from an accredited centre by an official organism of international prestige as the Instituto Cervantes is higher regarded within the Spanish teaching world.

Course recognized with ECTS credits by the Pontifical University of Salamanca

The Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA), as well as the city itself, is binded together with the teaching of Spanish for foreigners, and enjoys great international prestige within the Spanish teaching world.

Escudo UPSA The in-school Spanish Teacher Training course imparted by Tía Tula is recognized by the UPSA which awards their own ECTS credits to the course trainees. This recognition, however, only applies to those students whose nationality is other than Spanish. The students who meet this prerequisite can request, if they want it, a certificate stating the credits obtained*.

(*) NOTE: The students who want request the UPSA certificate stating the credits obtained with the course, should notify it to Tía Tula before the course start. They also should pay – also before the course start – the corresponding certiticate issue fee (130 euros), not included in the price course.